Daily Life ~ With Brio

Somehow as soon as we get to a town I completely forget to take pictures or update the blog… funny how that goes. Anyways, I thought I’d give you the quick overview of what we’ve been up to… from leaving Chacala, to sailing under Spinnaker with whales for company, to arriving in La Cruz, to deciding to become surfers 🙂

Chacala from Brio's galley Porthole

Looking out the galley window at Chacala ~ a beautifully colourful town!


Jon fishing from Brio's dinghy

Jon fishing from the dinghy in Chacala ~ his favourite pastime 🙂


Brio Spinnaker

Brio sailing under spinnaker -- Big thanks to Caminoe for taking these shots!


Brio Spinnaker

And a slightly different angle (we're like new parents: "look at our baby, look at our baby!!" :P)


Brio Spinnaker

Can't forget the beam-view 🙂



We've seen so many whales in this area that we *almost* don't get excited about them anymore... "oh look, another whale"


Brio at anchor in La Cruz

The anchorage in La Cruz ~ Brio is out there somewhere! 🙂


La Cruz

This was on the way to the "Cruisers Swapmeet" ~ we didn't find exactly what we were looking for, but there was definitely lots to look at!



We spent a day doing a little side trip to Sayulita...


Surfing in Sayulita

...where we decided that if we're going to spend so much time down South, we *might as well* buy a surfboard (the deck was looking a little too empty anyways)


Surfing in Sayulita

If you look closely, you can see Jon & Kevin (from Kist, who also bought a surfboard!) out in the surf (towards the right hand side)


Bus ride from Sayulita to La Cruz

The only hiccup? We didn't really plan how we'd get the darn boards home. Luckily for us the buses are pretty used to people carrying anything they want... It was a fun trip back to the boat!


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