Desert Flowers & Sunny Skies

We’re back in the land of internet (something I will confess to be quite excited about — I don’t realise how hooked I am until I’m without it for a week, especially this last week: hiding out from the strong Norther that was blowing through, often cooped up in the boat, trying to come up with a creative recipe that involves flour, water, 2 potatoes, and a can of peaches).

Today we arrived in La Paz, which is where we will be for the next few days. My girlfriend is flying in on Friday (bringing Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chips with her — something we’re quite excited about!), and we have a few boat chores to try to accomplish (new toilet, some tie down straps for the jerry cans, some canvas pockets for our bookcases, etc etc).

But nevermind all that… let’s just get to the good stuff 🙂

Sunrise over the Sea of Cortez... we live and breathe by the sun here, often going to bed at 8:00 (feeling pretty good about ourselves if we make it to 9:00!) and getting up at 6:15, when the sun first peeks over the horizon


The tienda in San Evaristo, where we spent 4 days hiding from a big Norther. Our little anchorage had gusts of 35+ but we held well and had time to explore the tiny fishing village in the bay. This little tienda happily sold us eggs and snickers bars 🙂


Sailboat Brio at Anchor in San Evaristo Sea of Cortez

Brio at anchor in San Evaristo ~ we scrambled up the cacti-covered hillside to stretch our legs and take a few pictures from up above.


Just me 'n' a cactus


An agave plant ~ one of the amazing things about our little exploration of the hillside was all of the plants and flowers. It had rained a couple of days before (a rare thing around here) so all of the little buds were coming out. Jon's mom gave me an awesome book to identify desert wildflowers, so I will try to post some identified flowers soon! 😀



A dorado! Caught with Jon's home-made corn-cob and a squid lure. In Vancouver Jon was always trying to tell me to slow down so he could fish... he wanted to go 2 or 3 knots... but here, we caught this sucker sailing downwind and going 7+ knots as we surfed down waves. My kinda fish 😀


One of the first quiet, calm mornings at anchor we've had in a long time. It was a beautiful thing to wake up to the sound of... nothing! It's a little crazy how attuned we've become to every creak and groan Brio makes... anything out of the ordinary and we're both wide awake, popping out the hatches to figure out what's changed.... So silence is a welcome sound too!


Jon beside a washed up tri-maran on the "Magote" (the name of the beach) here in La Paz.


Happy to be in La Paz


You know the funniest part of being in La Paz? 12 years ago, half my life ago in fact, I was in this exact same spot… but on a different boat, with different people and different priorities. When I’m trying to make a big life decision I think “What would 12-year old Leah say about this?” (because 12-year old Leah had life completely figured out)… and I have to say, I think if 12-year old Leah had looked in to the future and seen this happy little moment… she’d have approved, and, I hope, maybe even been a teensy bit impressed.


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