Life in Loreto

While we wait out a little blow from the North, we made a trip up to Loreto. It was super easy to hitch-hike in to town, super beautiful to wander around the town, and super expensive to taxi back from town (turns out we’re not that great at hitch-hiking… I thought with my flower and Jon’s hat we’d be shoe-ins… but not so much). Anyways, a few photos from the last couple of days…


The town of Loreto


Jon finally got the hat that he's been coveting since we first arrived in Mexico. He's been calling me "little lady" ever since 🙂


Nightfall from the anchorage


Walking the beach at Isla Coronados (a small island we anchored at earlier this week)


An awesome sky as the sun sets over Loreto


Life in Loreto — 4 Comments


      Haha, Jon says “he woulda walked, you know he would have”.

      Hard enough to walk from the dinghy to the highway… we got sea legs out here, you know???

  1. I am loving following your journey. I am sitting here at work in Nova Scotia in the middle of a snow storm and after reading through your posts I am now dreaming of sailing the Mexican coast.

    Keep up the great posts, it gives me something to day dream about. 🙂
    Erica (Papa II)

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