Everyday Life on the ICW (in Dowry Creek, NC)

A few snapshots from the journey to the ICW…

Deltaville, VA — my first week working from the boat an anchor
The fuel pump that went up in a big puff of smoke as we crossed the Potomac River
Weather that’s warm enough to eat ice cream in the cockpit? Yes, please!
A little rainbow peeking through the 40-knot-gust squall we had at anchor in Deltaville
There have been some chilly mornings
Zephyr and Kevin (the elephant) have been trip-making champions
Arrival in Portsmouth, VA – across the channel from Norfolk – and the official start of the ICW!
Toddler entertainment…
…sometimes gets messy (clean??)
We were shocked to go through the lock with 3 other boats! Here we thought we’d be entirely alone in our February journey south
I love the ICW. It’s a totally unique style of travel, with lots to look at on both sides (and lots to look out for too!)
Late-day sail repair (attempt #1… why is sticky-back never as good as promised??)
More toddler entertainment in the cockpit underway
Might need to practice before we let him tail the winch 😉
Ugly breaking seas on our way into Dowry Creek — they never look big in pictures, but this was the first time we took a bunch of green water on deck. Yuck!
Dowry Creek Marina had everything we wanted — FREE laundry, power, water, fuel, propane, a courtesy car to get groceries and even TOYS in the lounge. Who could ask for more??

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