Happy Holidays! (from Vancouver, BC)

Just wanted to wish everyone a super happy holidays and the best for 2015… and share a few pictures from our own holiday adventures in Vancouver 🙂

BC Ferries to Lund

Vancouver’s been doing a very nice job of showing off her best features… I stand by that there’s just about nothing more depressing than a grey, rainy Vancouver winter… but she can’t be beat in the sunshine!!

Sunrise on the Sunshine Coast

I absolutely LOVE Christmas, and we always celebrate the holidays in the interior of BC, where my grandparents and extended family live. Dad and I went up a couple weeks early to chop down this beauty…

Christmas Tree - After

Which, according to the BC government website, is perfectly legal. BC residents can cut down up to 3 trees/year “for personal use” 😀

Cutting down a christmas tree

Thankfully there were no height restrictions on that notice… since we accidentally cut down an 18′ tree… “Oops!”

Our 18' tree... oops

A little pruning and she was perfect though 🙂

Extended Kruger Family

We have a big Christmas dinner (where I strategically plant myself in front of the stuffing bowl)

Christmas dinner

And it’s pretty much been a 5-week long sister-fest 🙂 #thebest

Kruger Sisters at Christmas

Sisterly Love

Don’t ask me why, but we headed to Lund for New Years (a drive, a ferry, a drive, another ferry, another drive… and then you arrive at the TINIEST little town you’ve ever seen that essentially consists of a general store and a hotel).

BUT the hotel was open and there’s a restaurant around the corner — The Laughing Oyster — that my parents have sailed to for the last three consecutive summers. Crazy as it sounds, this place is worth the effort to get there! We had NYE at the Laughing Oyster 🙂

BC Ferries - Early Morning Sunrise

And the ferry ride was quite spectacular (even through this VERY dirty window haha!)

Sunrise through the windows

Crazy clouds on the sunshine coast

BC Ferries Ride to Lund

The kids on the ferry

Breakwater in Powell River

Jon and Leah on the ferry to Lund

More ferry shots to Lund

And Lund has a little marina, so Jon and I even managed to get a little boat-creeping in 😉

Jon at the marina in Lund

Leah in Powell River

Random little side note… none of us had ever seen frost like this before (including Jon, who lived in Michigan for a few winters). It was everywhere! And it was crazy! This picture in the dark is not the greatest, but you get the idea 🙂

Some crazy frost in Lund

Oh, and like a good Canadian girl, we went to a local hockey game. Bonus? Vancouver won!

Vancouver Giants game

At the Giants game

That’s about the update from the West Coast 🙂

We head back to our winter rental this week, and it looks like Maine may have some chilly temps waiting for us! Hopefully with some snow, so I can try out my new snowshoes (snowshoes are one of those presents that seem way more exciting before you actually try them, aren’t they??). So life is good all around!

Happy 2015 everyone!!



Happy Holidays! (from Vancouver, BC) — 4 Comments

  1. Great post Leah! The picture from in the ferry with all the windows is so beautiful. And wow- you, your mom and sister look so much alike. Hello to Jon for us!! PS- you will love the snowshoes! I used Mitchell’s for a season before getting some for Christmas. But unfortunately I haven’t gotten to use mine yet- no snow the first winter, on the boat last winter and now super pregnant this winter!! Miss you guys.

    • Haha you can tell we’re all from the same DNA, eh?? I’m really glad to hear a vote of confidence for the snowshoes, I’m hoping they’ll be a fun way to actually get outside this winter!!! Although it’s 3.4 degrees in Maine right now, so maybe I need to focus on layers first haha 🙂 I am SO excited to hear about baby news and SO SOON — I hope you’ll post lots of pictures!!! Hugs to you all <3

  2. Glad you’re still having fun with your extended stay. We’ve had more than enough rainy grey days…I’m about done myself.
    The tree looks lovely and NYE sounds like it was a blast. Janet and I will have to check out Lund some day. She’s looking forward to the planned day sail and a chance to learn from a non-screamer. 🙂

    • No screaming allowed on Synchronicity! Did mom and dad tell you what our punishment used to be if we ever yelled? Scrub the decks. The louder you yelled, the worse the deck part (waterline was our least favourite, top-deck was okay, cockpit was an average yell). Maybe file that away under “parenting tricks for families that live in small spaces and like clean boats” 😛

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