How Fast is a 15hp Outboard?

Continuing the “haven’t you always wondered” series…

“How Fast is a 15hp Outboard?”

Jon in the dinghy

The testing grounds — Jon zipping around with the handheld GPS to clock speed results


Since we tote around a long-shaft 15hp outboard (to go with our 10′ dinghy, on our poor little deck), we figured we might as well gather some stats to go with her. The results?

16.0 knots with two people in the boat, 18+ with only one (it’s hard to read the screen when you’re banging around on your own!!!)


If you’re wondering, that’s approximately 4.5 times faster than Brio’s 21hp inboard engine will push us.

That’s why we joke that we live in a trailer, but we drive a porsche 😛



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