A Winter of Weekends

A winter of weekends…

Of waking when we wanted,

Wandering ’round the roads of towns we’d never seen,

Waving, smiling and laughing when there were no words,

Washing down decks, canvas, clothing, the fabrics of our lives with water from the Sea,

Willing moments to be captured on film or in words, any way to hold on to the memory forever,

Wonder-ing, wide-eyed, at the wholeness, the width, the wow of the world,

Waiting for weather windows of calm,

Wigging out when the weather was wild, with waves way above us and ocean all around us,

Wishing on falling stars and meteors showers and shooting phosphorescent torpedo trails from dolphins leaping through the dark,

Witnessing real life, real moments, all around us,

Wanting it to last forever.

We wished, we wanted, we worked, and we went:

1341 miles.

And now…

Willing to wait, to want, to work again,

Until the next winter of weekends


Brio is tucked away in the storage yard in San Carlos. Jon is back in Maine where he is running his business (I will be visiting throughout the summer). And I am in Vancouver, pulling pieces together and dreaming of the adventures we’ll have next year.




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  1. Hey Leah,

    You’re still going to keep updating the blog though right? Even though you’re back at home. Tell everyone how you make this travelling happen. We want to know more!

    PS. When you do come to Maine, maybe take a short drive up to NB to see us?

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