Posada del DesiertoA few people have asked what will happen to the blog, now that we’re regular joe schmoes again (for a while anyways) 🙂 While I can’t promise any dolphin pictures or exciting mechanics stories, I will say that I like this blogging thing way too much to just abandon it!

And if you’ll allow a little moment of bragging, I just had a quick peek at our google-analytic stats, and since the site was first created (3 days after buying Brio last May), we’ve had 1055 unique visitors. Nothing compared to some of the super sailing sites, but I think it’s pretty darn awesome.

(I do wonder a little about who all these amazing people are — because other than every MEC employee that mom has forced to read the blog, I’m not sure how we got to such a number! I also want to know if the person that googled “making vee berth sheets”, and then spent 27 minutes on our site (the top hit), was satisfied with what they found!)

So, in short, I will keep rambling on to you about our dreams and goals and plans and hopes for the future, and I hope that some of you might keep checking in with us too!

And if you ever feel like connecting a little more, please feel free to send an email because I love, love, loooove getting your comments and thoughts! Email address is:


That’s all for tonight,



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  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog this cold, gray afternoon in Michigan. We had a powerboat when our three kids were growing up and have done a bit of cruising on the Great Lakes. Your blog brought back lots of good memories, eating fish and chips on a dock in Killarney, racing a storm into port, the beauty and stillness of an anchorage at dawn, and our great Canadian friends.

    Wishing you lots of fair days for sailing!

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