How time flies…

We’re coming up on a month in Mazatlan; not quite sure how that happened, but it did 🙂 It’s funny how time passes when you slow down…

Our latest discovery was the fantastic “Yolandas” (which is a red shack on the marina isla for anybody in Mazatlan that’s interested!). Yolanda is a local woman who cooks breakfasts for 40 pesos ($3.20) and lunches for 60 pesos every single day.

We ate there yesterday and had the BEST chicken mole I have ever tasted; I don’t even really like mole sauce, but this was fork-tender chicken pieces in the most delicious sauce you can imagine, with a side of beans and tortillas… yummmm!

Yolanda's restaurant on the Isla in Mazatlan Marina area

That’s Yolanda herself in the background…
Jon at Yolanda's in Mazatlan

We also had the delight of a visit from my Auntie and Uncle ~ it’s so nice to have people come visit, and when they bring Valentine’s chocolates with them it’s even sweeter 😉

Auntie Alison and Harold visiting us

And when working on the engine mounts / alignment / misalignment / realignment / etc gets to be too much work/mess/mechanics we’ve been picking away at a few little outdoor projects… like stripping some bubbled varnish and re-doing it (which is a ‘shame on me’ for not covering it over the summer… we did all this work last year, but six months exposed to the direct tropical sunshine was more than enough to wreck it)

Working on the wordwork

I don’t know what the stripper is made of, but the Mexican paint store Comex sells “removadore” for about $5/bottle and it works REEEEEALLY well. You slap it on the wood and I swear the varnish just about jumps off 🙂 Just don’t get it on your skin!!

Stripping varnish in a sundress

And no, I’m not really sure why I’m stripping varnish in a sundress… but I think it’s a pretty good look so I’m not even going to try to make up an excuse 😉

Stripping varnish in yellow dish gloves and a sundress :)

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