Where is “ZAS”?

Technology is a funny little thing…

We want to find an alternator repair shop that can look at our alternator (again), confirm that it really is working, and sell us a regulator to go with it. We figure out that the shop we need is called “ZAS” here in Mazatlan, and I ask on the morning cruisers net if somebody can tell me where ZAS is and how to get there…

… a very kind soul comes back and gives us directions, but they’re driving directions and I’m only able to make sense of a little bit of it. Then the cruisers are off on a big rant about where to buy the best marmalade (seriously. like 5 people add their opinions to the great marmalade debate) so I can’t get any clarifying questions in. I try Skyping the place (I have their phone number, just not their address) and have a truly *terrible* time trying to make myself understood. Ever notice how it’s so much harder to speak a foreign language on the phone??

So, in true desperation, I turn to my trusty friend Google Maps.

And lo & behold, with a bit of patience “walking” down the street that I think it’s on, I find my little ZAS store (it’s the one with the red an white sign in the middle of the pic).

ZAS - Alternator Repair Shop - In Mazatlan

What would we do without Google??


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