I don’t really like sailing, I just like reading (sailing in Penobscot Bay, Maine)

I think I took approximately 1800 photos over the last two weeks. Which works out to be… a lot every day 😉

Brio anchored at Halfway Rock lighthouse in Casco Bay, Maine

Leah wears lipstick on dinghy trips

Butter Island, Penobscot Bay, Maine Couple on Butter Island, Penobscot Bay, Maine Pretty sunset in MaineLeah sailing in to Bucksport, Maine

Anchoring in penobscot bay off Butter Island

But as I was scanning through trying to pick out my favourites, I realized there was a theme: We like to read. And if the lack of sails is any indication, we might like to read comfortably more than we like to sail.

Reading while motoring is Jon's favourite

Reading while sailing is Leah's favourite

Like when I think about the one and only super-foggy day we had (you know, the one where Brio was for sale for approximately 45 minutes while we contemplated condominium living?) and I think about what made that day so awful-feeling, I think it’s really that the fog meant I couldn’t READ MY BOOK while I was on watch. Cuz when you can only see 900 feet in front of you, you have to actually WATCH on your watch and you can’t just read/watch/read/watch.

A foggy day off Seguin Lighthouse

Aside: Please don’t let this be a poor reflection on my watch-keeping skills. I promise I’m a pretty good watch-keeper and I only hit 6/10 lobster buoys and 8/10 logs in the Pacific North-West 😉

Leah is a dork while sailing

I am a very good watch-keeper.

Second Aside: If you ever want to buy a sailboat that isn’t publicly listed as for sale, I highly suggest walking the docks after a particularly awful / foggy / stormy / ugly day. Guaranteed they’re almost all suddenly available 🙂

Sailing in the fog in Maine

Third Aside: For the seriously salty sailors out there, does that feeling ever go away??? The one where on bad days you’d happily give away the boat but on good days you’d happily spend every nickel and every second of your life dedicated to the continuing care and maintenance of an old (but lovely) sailboat???

Reading on Wheat Island beach in Penobscot Bay

Sailing out of Rockland, Maine

Alright, I’m done. I think you get the point. I have lots to say about cruising in the Penobscot (as most people do, it turns out), but suffice to say that we’ve had an absolutely AMAZING two weeks with LOTS of time for reading and hiking and swimming and exploring, and we won’t let the way it ended ruin our memories.

Brio gets hauled out at Journey's End in Rockland, Maine

Cuz now we’ve REALLY got lots of time to read 😉 Stay tuned for the not-quite-planned-end-of-our-vacation update.



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