If you want to talk about inspiring people…

…I’d start with my sister, Jessica 🙂

She hasn’t had the easiest life — she fainted from a ladder when she was 15, breaking her neck and leaving her a quadriplegic — but she’s my absolute inspiration. Jess plays wheelchair rugby (and shows those tough boys who’s boss!), is finishing her Arts degree in English Lit, bakes up the most delicious cakes and cupcakes, has travelled to Africa, Mexico, and Europe since her accident, and is the most awesome, optimistic, positive ball of energy girl I know! And now… she’s running to be the face of Lise Watier’s new line, “Something Sweet”

Jessica Kruger

She’s doing great — but she needs all the votes she can get to win! 🙂 It’s kind of fun, so if you have a minute, check out her listing and give her your vote:


(You can vote once / every single day until June 8th).

And if you want to read a great article about Jess and her pursuits, the Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association wrote a great one: Wheelchair Rugby Player Competes to Become the Face of Lise Watier’s Something Sweet Campaign

Jessica’s been my something sweet since the day she came home, and I am so proud to be supporting her on this great contest! I love the idea of my sister challenging our stereotypes and being the face of a national campaign 🙂 She’s definitely getting my vote!

Update May 31, 2013:

Jessica Leah The Province NewspaperOur big Vancouver paper picked up Jessica’s inspiring story, and did a great article (with photos!) about her 🙂 You can read the article here: Vancouver Sun | Coquitlam Wheelchair Athlete Aims to Become One of the World’s First Quadriplegic Models

And see more cute pictures of her (and a couple of me! haha famous-by-association) here: Much More Than Just a Pretty Face



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