Isla Isabela ~ Round #2

Leaving Mazatlan, we had such a great sail down (with those awesome dolphins!) that we were tempted to just keep going 🙂 But the lure of Isla Isabela was strong, and as it turned out there was not a boat in sight when we got near, so we dropped the hook and got to enjoy an amazing couple days at one of our favourite stops so far.

But I’ll let the pictures do the story-telling…

Brio at Anchor in Isla Isabela

Three Wise Men ~ Frigate Birds in Isla Isabela

Attempt at a self-timer shot on Isla Isabela

The bay at Isla Isabela

Fishermen's village at Isla Isabela

Pelicans and some kind of adorable seagull population hanging out in Isla Isabela

Jon in the jungles of Isla Isabela, with a tree that grew a crutch

Las Monas at Isla Isabela

Blue footed boobie birds + their babies!!!

Jon Tetro in front of Las Monas at Isla Isabela

We met some new (young!) cruiser friends in the anchorage, hiked around the island, got chased by boobie birds, met a researcher who is living on the island for THREE MONTHS (I like this place, but seriously? Three months with no running water, electricity, or Arrow episodes??) and generally had a great time.

Isla Isabel Anchorage with Brio, Tusitala and a very close trimaran

Isla Isabela Anchorage

Jon and Leah Isla Isabela

The only dark spot was a first on Brio: a neighbourly boat (very nice, very smiley) anchored a little close… and not wanting to be those people, we tried to just smile and ignore it, since they were not showing any signs of re-anchoring… all was fine until the wind dropped and I woke up to the sound of voices very close, popped my head outside to look around, and was treated to the sight of strangers pushing their boat off our boat. With their feet. I think that qualifies as a little too close, no??

Can you spot the boobie birds? ;)

Afraid of walking through angry boobie birds!

Blue footed boobie birds on Isla Isabela

Isla Isabela blue footed boobies

Overall, an amazing spot 🙂

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