Oh wow!

Oh wow. Just, wow!

I have just seen the most amazing freaking thing ever!

It was my watch — o-dark-hundred but with a full moon. I heard it before I saw it — little puffs of breath, gasps for air, and the tell-tale “swoosh” of the water breaking right beside me in the cockpit… but when I looked over the side, what I saw was… almost indescribable!

Like giant fireflies swimming through the night — or a fleet of glowing torpedoes, racing through the water towards us… like a Disney princess wand, tracing paths of pure glitter through the deep, dark ocean… they were dolphins, completely aglow with phosphorescence.

I could see the whole outline of their bodies — their round noses, smooth heads, and powerful tails throwing a glowing, sparkling, dazzling trail through the water. Right off the transom, Jon spotted a whole family of them — 4 dolphins playing in our wake, completely mesmerizing, racing after our little boat as we sailed under a full moon sky — I’ve never seen anything quite so awesome!

I tried — but failed — to take a video of this jaw-dropping phenomenon. The soundtrack, however, will give you a pretty good idea of the experience 😉


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  1. Hey, that’s like a trip down memory lane for me! Remember how I heard “the torpedos” coming down the coast of Mexico. Now you know what I saw and felt. Wow is right!!! Amazing!!

  2. That brings back memories! We’ve experienced that on the way to Mazatlan and crossing the Sea of Cortez to San Juanico – it’s oh so magical isn’t it? One of the most amazing things I’ve seen on passages!

    • The coolest, right?? I just wish there was a way to take a picture or a video or *something* to be able to share the experience!! Maybe that’s part of what makes it so amazing 🙂 You guys must be getting ready to shove off for ports far West? That’s super exciting!!

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