“It just goes down and down” (in Swansboro, NC)

Morehead City was a weird place. A friend described it as like a carnival town when the carnival is closed, and that felt kind of right.

But we made friends with our Lyft driver, Alex. When he realized we lived on a boat (“with the baby!?”) and we realized he’d never been on a sailboat, we invited him in for a tour.

He came down the companionway stairs and exclaimed, “it just goes down and down!” Which is true and also not that obvious from the outside, I suppose 🙂

He was also impressed that we had a kitchen (“even with an oven!”) and he left muttering about how excited he was to tell his wife about “these hippies I met in the marina”.

We managed to escape the marina (maneuvering in reverse in a piling marina surrounded by multi-million dollar sportfish boats is NOT my idea of fun) at a leisurely 11:00am to continue our journey south.

We timed the current exactly wrong, so had a good 2 knots against us the whole way instead of a 1-2 knot boost, but we still made it into Swansboro in time for sunset and baby bedtime.

In general it’s been one of those funny weeks where everything just feels kind of normal… working, playing with the baby, doing laundry, getting groceries, moving south a little, enjoying the weather, and planning our next hops.

Couldn’t ask for more, really!

– The Brio Trio (<—- think I can make this a new thing?? 😉 )

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