Cruising through North Carolina (in the Neuse River)

Turns out North Carolina is a big state! I should probably remember that from last time but Jon and I have been discovering that we actually *don’t* remember all that much from 4 years ago…

I don’t know if having Zephyr along for the trip will make my memory any better, but it at least guarantees that there are 100x as many photos being taken! “Here’s Zephyr’s face in front of a marsh, here’s Zephyr’s face in front of a sunset, here’s Zephyr charming some fishermen…” you get the idea 😉

We hung out in Elizabeth City for a week, hunting WiFi for work (settling for too-loud coffee shops & super understanding coworkers), waiting on a weather window for the Albemarle Sound (a whopping 15-miles but we’ve got slight headwind-PTSD), and enjoying the crazy hospitality of Dan from MACU (who let us stay on his free dock, eat in the college cafeteria and even borrow his car to go to the laundromat!).

We haven’t travelled this slowly yet — we did Maine to North Carolina in two weeks!) so the change of pace has been amazing, if a little weird to adjust to.

The whole ICW operates on mile-markers, meaning we can plan out exact days & destinations ahead of time. We just spent a couple nights in the marsh, enjoying crazy sunsets and trying to spot a gator (no luck yet).

Otherwise it’s just been life as usual around here, coaching Z to crawl forwards (not happening yet), reading books and watching a couple Christmas movies that Jon downloaded ahead of time for us (the Grinch has officially been whooville’d)

We even turned the Dickinson off yesterday and haven’t turned it on again yet today! Crazy!

That’s all we have to report today!



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