Loving Life in Mazatlan

The last passage really made us question how much we really want this life… is it worth ‘living the dream’ if it means periodically being so miserable that you’d happily trade in the boat for a nice solid trailer in someone’s backyard?? 😉

Happily, after 4 days of relaxing in a marina and solely focusing on enjoying the good parts of cruising, we’re back to loving life again 🙂 And just to prove it, I have photographic evidence 😀

We’ve been putting our new hard-bottomed dinghy to excellent use 🙂 And yes, we are those menaces you see ripping around the anchorage for no good reason!

This is the really cool estuary behind the marina here…

…Which includes this sweet island covered in big ole lizards like this guy!

The other good news is that THE BUTTER HAS MELTED and we are happily working on our tans once more 🙂

We’ve even been making the most of the funny little pool the marina has here…

As well as the “Old Town” part of Mazatlan (which is our favourite)

And the delicious “galleta” ice cream (cookie flavour)

We’ve also been buying more of the tropical fruits that are sooo good here (they’re drying on deck after Jon gave them their bleach-solution bath… to kill any cockroach eggs!

And we’ve been devouring said fruits for breakfast 😀

So all in all, I think we’re accepting the tough days with the good days… and learning how to make the most of the good ones!!



Loving Life in Mazatlan — 4 Comments

    • Do you know Darrell, I stared at that butter and actually had the thought “I should take a picture of this just for evidence’s sake”… but then got distracted by something (“shiny object! shiny object!”) and forgot. Next time we have butter I’ll take a picture (back to lentils since we’ve spent all our money in this marina hehehe).

  1. I love reading your blog, which will be a future book? 🙂
    I smile as I read each segment, reminded of your passion of life and all the hills and valleys it has.
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring. 🙂

    • Thanks Maureen!! I know we definitely appreciate the good things a little more after we’ve had a few rough days. Now the trick will be dragging ourselves away from this place and continuing south… Jon said this morning “maybe I was born in Mazatlan in another life?” — so we’re definitely enjoying things here! And I love seeing your latest photos and adventures on FB — you have had quite the year 🙂 Let us know if you ever want to come sailing on Brio for a bit — would probably be warmer than the last time on Synchronicity!!

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