Or we could stay for Carnaval…

New shoes for Leah - to replace the old tired looking ones - in Mazatlan

These are my new shoes. They’re a very timely replacement of the old ones (seen above) which I’ve been dutifully repairing with contact cement every time my tonga-toes burst out the side of my soles 🙂 It’s gotten to the point that I started carrying contact cement in my purse so I wouldn’t get stranded out and about — so I think the new ones are quite well timed and cute to boot!

My problem is that when I have something I like — like shoes, or a new shirt — I tend to wear it until it literally falls off of me. And when it comes to plans (like, “we are leaving on Thursday!”) I have that same urge — wear it ’til it falls apart.

For example: when we first got here, we paid for 7 days in the marina and announced to anyone who would listen that we were leaving on Wednesday. This, clearly, did not happen — the weather had other plans and made the decision for us.

“Thursday it is! We leave Thursday!” was the new cry.

Well, here it is Thursday, and we’ve paid up ’til Saturday… but now, as we think about it a little more… Carnaval is only one week away, and we did say last year that we would make an effort to be somewhere cool for Carnaval this year… so maybe we’ll stay a little longer 🙂

It’s a funny gut-twisting mess of emotions that I have to go through to get to this logical place — through the moments of “but we said we were leaving Saturday”, past the “oh.geez.how.can.we.spend.more.money.in.a.marina” muddle, and on to the clear open fields of “hey — I guess we really could stay if we wanted to. We’re having lots of fun!”.

The fun part is that once I get over myself (because Jon is always happy to be flexible and go-with-the-flow… crazy East-coaster that he is) we can sit back and feel EXCITED to spend another week in Mazatlan (which we really really really do love!) and another week in the crazy luxury of a marina, and to get to experience CARNAVAL in Mazatlan! Woot woot! Gonna be good 🙂

So now, I leave you with more random photos… because apparently that’s all I’ve been taking lately 😉

Jon trying to buy meat at the Mazatlan Meat Market - El Centro Mercado

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