New States (in the Waccamaw River, South Carolina)

The very best part of this winter is that we haven’t had much of a schedule… we wanted to get to the Carolinas, we wanted to have a warm winter, and we wanted to spend as much time together as possible… and so far we’ve (mostly) achieved all three!

It *is* crazy how much energy and attention a baby takes… Zephyr adds fun and wonder to each day, but he’s also a freaking lot of work!

We returned to Brio with a very different baby than we left with… this one MOVES, constantly!

Jon wants to duct tape a pillow to his head and I’m just praying the Kruger genes gave him a hard enough head to survive the stand-up-fall-down stage.

…although all that activity does make the quiet moments even more treasured. A sleeping baby is my favorite anchoring companion 😉

Meanwhile, South Carolina is just as beautiful as we remember, if a little less green than it was in July 2014.

As we compared old pictures with today’s, we couldn’t help but wonder who was watching Zephyr when the old pics were taken. I guess maybe it does become hard to remember life before a baby!

We did touch bottom for the first time last night… poking into an anchorage on what turned out to be the wrong side of the channel marker. Oops!

My only excuse is that it’s too easy to do when you’ve got ICW markers mixed with inlet markers mixed with creek offshoot markers! At least it was soft mud, so we were able to just power through to deeper water.

Meanwhile, we’re enjoying the southern sense of humor and style! 😉

…And another friendly state in Zephyr’s book and a happy day for our little family 🙂


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