Zephyr’s First Christmas (in Vancouver, BC)

We are blessed (and occasionally challenged) to have multiple places we call “home”, and this year Vancouver was the home I was excited to spend Zephyr’s first Christmas in.

We left Brio in North Carolina, where friends from my childhood cruising days (we met in the Marquesas when I was 11!) had arranged for us to tie up at their friends amazing dock for the duration of our stay! After visiting (and thoroughly enjoying their “penthouse in the sky” apartment for a few nights) we started our 3-flight trip home. I don’t recommend the route 😉

But Zephyr was a champ & spent the day crawling backwards, investigating every speck of dust, and charming strangers.

It had been 4 months since we’d seen my parents and sister, so Zephyr brought a few new tricks to the party too — most notably finally crawling forward (eek!) and 8 teeth (double-eek!).

I have always loved Christmas, but Christmas through the eyes of a tinsel-chasing, light-loving, magic-seeking baby makes it all even better…

(And yes, I have 1000 pics from Christmas alone!)

There were so many highlights to our visit, but I think snowmobiling in the BC mountains, visiting our great friends on Vancouver Island and spending time with family (including great-grandparents and extended cousins parties!) were at the top of my list.

Until next time, Vancouver!



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