Nothing better than a sister (visiting in Portland, Maine)

My sister came to visit. She’s not really keen on the whole boat thing, or the cold, or being on a boat in the cold, so this was quite an exciting occasion 🙂

My two favourite people in the ENTIRE world

We put a little effort into her arrival, starting with a new halyard to hold our bosuns chair lifting-tackle setup 🙂 (Look at that beautiful bold color!!)

A new halyard for the lifting tackle

This system worked out quite nicely…

Lifting tackle and bosuns chair for accessible boating!

…down the hatch she goes!

Down the hatch she goes

We stuck her as near to the Newport Dickinson as we could, but she still found Brio a little chilly…

Jess looking chilly inside Brio

Although she did appreciate our Christmas decor!

2016-11-25-09-57-15 2016-11-25-09-53-17

Jon sometimes refers to us as “the Kruger whoos” (from the Grinch) — we sisters are seriously into Christmas. Please note the matching toques (complete with battery-powered LEDs 🙂 )

2016-11-25-09-24-36 2016-11-28-13-50-23

According to my iPhone, Jess and I spent her week here primarily taking pictures of ourselves #selfiesistersforever2016-11-27-08-42-43 2016-11-24-10-19-09

Although we did manage to get the girl a good lighthouse picture 🙂


2016-11-28-14-06-35 2016-11-28-13-58-55

And take in some of the Christmas lights around town…


And OF COURSE, eat some lobsters 🙂


Jess was so in love with her lobster that she arranged for her flight to be cancelled so she could spend one extra unexpected night in Maine 😉 A delightful surprise for us, a bit of an annoyance for her! 2016-11-28-18-39-40-1

Don’t wait 4 years to come back bubz!



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