Venturing out in November (Richmond Island, Maine)

We thought we might have seen the back of our sailing season, but we snuck another weekend in…
Portland Harbor on a November Day

Left our “summer slip” for the last time (we’re in our “winter slip” now, much closer to shore and a little more protected from big weather — shrinkwrapping is not far away!)
Brio's last day in her summer slip at DiMillos

More Leah artsy attempts

November sailing!

Not leaving until mid-afternoon meant I had all sorts of opportunities to take sunset pictures 🙂 Winch and the sunset


Although we did manage to get the anchor down before the sun completely disappeared…


Giving us a chance to try out our Newport Dickinson for *real*… One fun side effect of running the heater is we can boil water on top of it — this is my first cup of “heater tea” for the night.


Tea aside, we got completely COOKED by the heater — 80*F in the cabin after 4 hours of continuous running — so turned it off and went to bed. Woke up freezing (as expected), and started her up again.

(By which I mean, I laid in bed under the covers while Jon started the heater and made the first few cups of coffee, stalling for the approximately 30 minutes that it takes to get the whole cabin warm again before I dared venture out from under the down duvet!!)

Brio at anchor at Richmond Island

Richmond Island is a beauty, connected to the mainland by a LOOOONG breakwater.  Richmond Island, Maine

We ventured ashore in the morning to explore a little, landing on the super nice sandy beach…

Landing - beautiful       Richmond Island, Maine - Trail Leah and Jon on Richmond Island, Maine  Richmond Island, Maine

Of course by the time we’d finished our explorations, the skies had darkened, the anchorage was a lee shore and we had 15-20 on the nose. “The Windex Points The Way” seems to always be true on the good ship Brio! Or maybe it’s operator-error…. 🙂

Leaving- here come the headwinds

We had a bit of an “energetic” bash back to Portland, including a nice little hail storm to round out our weather conditions…

November sailing in Maine - hail

But at the end of the day, it’s the sunset sails and the morning explorations that you remember, not the hail and the headwinds… right?? 🙂



Venturing out in November (Richmond Island, Maine) — 6 Comments

    • Couldn’t agree more!!!! Why is it that the sunny warm days fly by, while the chilly winter ones seem to linger?!?! Although I bet with your sweet little miss Rosie all your days feel like they’re flying by!!

  1. Hi guys,
    I was randomly in Portland on the 5th for school stuff, and I tried and failed to drop by and say hello. Your dock security is solid, and Brio is looking fine. What a beautiful place to sail and call home!

    Until next time, hopefully on the water somewhere . . .
    S/V Serenity (now S/V Puffin — talk about two-foot-itis)

    • Darnnnnit!!! You’ll have to tell us next time you’re coming through, and bring that lovely lady with you while you’re at it!!

  2. I just listened to your Sail Loot interview. It was a a while back so I hit the site here to see if you were still in the boat. Great Interview. The pics in your blog are really cool in telling the story.

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