Oh the Games We’ll Play…

Games are one of my favourite parts of cruising; when you’ve run out of Clive Cusslers to read or things to sew, there’s always a good cruisers’ game around the corner…


Seriously blue sky day

Although I will admit that I was a little skeptical when Anam Cara first suggested playing croquet on the beach (they’ve got a set on their boat 🙂 )

Croquet on the beach - lining up the perfect shot

Croquet on the beach - Punta de Mita beach

Clearly my skepticism was unfounded, as croquet has become one of our favourite games — and a seriously competitive pursuit!

Croquet on the beach - Punta de Mita - Careful playing

There’s also been quite a bit of the “take the dinghy out in to the middle of nowhere and jump in the ocean to swim around for a while and cool off” game…

A quick dip to cool off from the hot Banderas Bay sun

Zipping around the anchorage in La Cruz to stay cool

A little more of the “work in the awesome shade (and wifi) at YaYa’s cafe to pay for all these games”

Working while cruising - Internet and wifi in La Cruz's Ya-Ya's Cafe

More rounds of competitive croquet (this time in the excellently manicured grounds of Marina La Cruz)…

Lining up a shot - croquet in the marina

The players on the croquet field

Croquet in the marina - Round 2 gets a little more serious

Although some of the wickets have had a few extra challenges (you’ll have to ask Brady if Jon was helping or hindering here… Jon’s becoming well known for his ruthless croqueting :P)

A difficult shot - croquet challenges in the marina

And, of course, the working on the boat game… behind the “old” (can 3 weeks old really be called ‘old’??) broken mount are our new engine mounts (AGAIN) which we’ve now installed (AGAIN) and done the engine alignment on (AGAIN) so we are *really* hoping that this round holds up a little better than the last!!

Oh the motor mounts -- round #2 of replacing motor mounts in our Westerbeke 21

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