Passages, passages, passages – Huatulco to Chiapas, via the T-Peck

Sunrise Under Passage to Huatulco from Acapulco

Life is starting to feel a little like one giant passage… which I guess is fair since we’re coming up to the end of our ‘winter’, and the beginning of summer (we only recognize two seasons on Brio :P).

Always one for factlets (small relatively useless facts, similar to a droplet), we figured out that we’ve done 5 overnight trips in the last 25 days. This actually doesn’t look as impressive as I hoped it would when I write it down, but let me tell you it *feels* impressive! 🙂

Our next passage is one that we’ve been anticipating / dreading since we first bought a boat in Mexico. “The Tehuantapec” is the skinny little waist of Mexico, right at the bottom, and it has one of those rotten reputations that only named winds deserve. It’s 230ish miles, with nothing to see in between, and if we’re lucky it’ll just be one giant motor-boat trip. If we’re not lucky… well, we won’t dwell on that!

Anyways, we’re fueled-up, watered-up, iced-up, fooded-up and even have the damn dinghy on deck and tied down (have I mentioned that we have a much-too-enormous dinghy?? We love it when it’s in the water — it’s like a bat out of hell with wheels — but on deck, it’s… a behemoth. No other word to describe it. So fellow cruisers — if you are coveting a 10’6″ hard-bottom dinghy and have an 8′ you want to trade… we’re your peeps. Seriously). We even got in the *yuck* marina water and scrubbed the handful of barnacles off the prop so Brio is sleek and clean and ready to go.

All of this to say: I’m a little nervous about this trip. It’s the last big passage of the year, and my superstitious self always dreads the last 5% of the year (see last year’s post on this topic) but I’m pretty excited to have Brio in Chiapas, and have our passages behind us for the year, and be able to just relax and enjoy the ‘we made it’ feeling.

SO… see ya on the other side 🙂


PS – Upside of passages? Fresh fish! Jon caught us a gorgeous Dorado on the trip to Huatulco, and then because he’s awesome he made us fresh sushi for an afternoon snack… yummmmmmm 🙂

Fresh Dorado Sushi on Passage... mmmm



Passages, passages, passages – Huatulco to Chiapas, via the T-Peck — 4 Comments

  1. Leah, you are an amazing story teller. I have really appreciated your post, and hope the winds work in your favour! 🙂

  2. Here’s to hoping you don’t have any exciting stories to tell! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    • haha Bonnie, we’ve officially decided that “BRIO” = Breaking Randomly In the Ocean. But long story short, we made it!! 🙂

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