What’s Random Today?

My random story of the day:

In my experience, boats smell funny. Just in general, there’s a sort of boat-y smell that permeates everything and is only noticeable if you leave the boat for a long time and then come back and open the hatches and inhale a big breath of boat-air and go “whooof! Smells boat-y in there!”.

Lately, however, there’s been a new smell drifting around the cabin, and it hasn’t been pleasant. At first I figured it was the leftovers in the icebox… but no, all in there was rosy. Channeling my inner greyhound (no that’s not right — what’s the dog that sniffs things down?? the hunting dogs… hmmm it’s not coming to me, but you get the idea) I isolated the smell to the cupboard that has our holding tank and toilet hoses running through it (yuck).

This was progress at least, and explained why the v-berth had the smell too (we sleep right on top of this cupboard). I figured maybe it was a leaky hose or something, so decided today was the day to investigate. Hauling everything out of the cupboard, I carefully gave each item the sniff test (double yuck), but discovered zero leaky hoses, and zero sources of the smell. Because this is kind of a crappy cupboard (pun intended) and everything in it seemed permeated with this yuck smell, I asked Jon to bag it all up so we could just trash everything in there.

Five minutes later, with a disgusted but somewhat delighted grin on his face, Jon held up the culprit: a hard-boiled egg. Rotting away in a plastic bag. Inside the holding tank cupboard. From EASTER.

Yep, you got it: WE HAD A HARD-BOILED EGG ROTTING IN OUR CUPBOARDS FROM FREAKING EASTER (it even still had the pretty little designs on it that Shamaness had drawn for us). I almost puked on the spot, but managed to shriek and jump around enough that Jon was convinced to take it outside ASAP and stop threatening me with it’s grossness.

How did a rotten egg end up in the holding tank cupboard, you wonder? Me too.

I have no clue; but now when people talk about that ‘rotten egg smell’, I will know EXACTLY what they’re talking about.

And that’s what’s random today 🙂

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