Photos That Never Made It (Round 2)

I took 2000+ photos this winter… I think I can keep this “photos that never made it” thing going for a while… 🙂


Brio Underway as the Sun Sets

A sunset shot...


Shrimp Stuffed Hot Dogs

Shrimp-stuffed hot dogs, Coke in a glass bottle, and some hot chili peppers -- what else do you need for a Mexican meal?


On Watch

This is my "on watch" look -- scarf, safety harness, slightly blurry eyes, and a head lamp for the latest Maeve Binchy or Sci-Fi book 🙂


The buses in Topolobampo

The buses in Topolobampo were so colourful we thought they deserved a picture of their own!


Not This Again

Jon puts up with me taking 'self photos' of us for only so long -- then he gets that sort of "Not This Again." look on his face 🙂


Brio in front of San Carlos Mexico

Brio at anchor in front of the famous 'Goat Tits' mountains in San Carlos


Vancouver's Weather Forecast

...And Vancouver's latest weather forecast, just in case we needed more motivation to work hard & get back to Brio!!!



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