Picture-paradise in Las Hadas

Las Hadas is a funny little place… gorgeous white architecture, crazy dinghy dock fees ($200 pesos/day!), pools to ourselves because the place is literally empty, sketchy showers at the “2nd story pool”, delicious taco-soup dinners with a view, crazy taxi drivers, and 3 pretty blue boats rounding out the anchorage…

Brio at anchor in Las HadasWe took quite a few pictures while pretending to live the life of the rich and famous….

Las Hadas anchorage

Architecture of Las Hadas Resort

Las Hadas

Las Hadas

Leah at Las Hadas

Jon jumping a fence in Las hadas

Las Hadas

Las Hadas

Las Hadas

Rooftop photo from our creepy taxi driver in Las Hadas

3 blue boats at anchor

Las Hadas pool

Pool lounging at Las Hadas

Geoff and Sue from Bluejacket lounging in front of Brio in the anchorage

The (pricey) dinghy dock at Las Hadas!

Las Hadas

Taco soup at the Paradise Restaurant in Las Hadas

View of Las Hadas anchorage from the Paradise Restaurant

*sigh* life is good in Las HadasI’d say we got our $200 pesos worth 🙂

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