Stitches in Time

We’ve been waiting for a nicer weather window here in San Carlos… and since we’ve been waiting, we thought it might be fun to go out for an ‘afternoon sail’, and at least get the sails up and our sea legs stretched.

Turned out to *not* be such a great idea:

Ripped Mainsail

See that 10' rip? That's not supposed to be there.


There was no sail flogging… there was no yelling… there was really no drama at all, just a clean rip, starting at a batten pocket, and running ten feet (ten feet!) of mainsail.

This required many, many, many hours of hand-stitching. More hours than you might think it could possibly take to stitch up a little sail like ours. But that sailcloth… it doesn’t really like being pierced. So piercing it repeatedly, from one end to the other, you can almost feel the sail shaking in resistance.

Or not, I’ve just spent too many hours stitching the damn thing so I’ve given it a personality of its own 😀

Repairing the main sail in San Carlos

Repairing the main sail in San Carlos


And now ~ sail repairs are complete, tanks are full, cupboards are laden (is that a word???), oil is changed, fuel filters are swapped, and we are ready to cross to the Baja side. Hopefully tomorrow!

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