Surfing in Sayulita

Since we bought this darn surfboard last year (and have been carrying it around on our extra-roomy decks :P), we figured it might be time to actually put it to use!

It was a bit of fun getting to Sayulita with our good friends on Anam Cara — first we walked through town with a surfboard under our (Jon’s) arm, then we hopped on a “Collectivo” bus, tried to wedge ourselves in between the locals and the wall, got off 5 minutes down the highway, hailed the next bus, *really* wedged ourselves in to this one since it’s extra full, made friends with the people who had to deal with our board in their faces… and then we were there. Sayulita 🙂

Brady was a good sport about holding on to the tail end while we rode the Collectivo:

The surfboard tucked in to the Collectivo to BuceriasRiding the Collectivo with Anam Cara

When I say “waiting on the side of the highway for the bus”, I mean it quite literally 🙂 Despite the fear-factor of crazy Collectivos whizzing past you at a million miles an hour, I have to say that I quite appreciate that the bus will pick you up (or drop you off!) wherever you like! No bus stops needed 🙂

Waiting for the bus on the highway with our surfboard in Puerto Vallarta

We’re always happy hanging out on the beach ~ and I seem to do most of my clothing shopping there too 🙂 Sweet little ladies roam the beach selling shirts, snacks and jewelry. They make up for the persistent old men trying to sell you blankets and donuts (the things you really crave on the beach, right? :P)

Happy folks on the beach in Sayulita surfing

Jon rocking his blue (purple) shades

The highlight of my day (as a verrrrry new surfer) was that I actually managed to make it to my feet twice. Usually I’m happy to just ride right in on my knees or my elbows… so making it to my toes (for a few seconds, anyways!) was pretty sweet. Now I can rock the surfer-chick-wannabe-look with a little more swagger 😀

Oh yeah, I'm a surfer-chick (wannabe :P)

Sayulita Surf -- looking pretty tame today!

And Bonnie — you’d be proud to know that our wedding-present game of CatchPhrase made a rather popular appearance on this beach… and Jon’s team only won once 🙂

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