This is why (at the Gosling Islands, Maine)

It’s not for the winter weather.

Or the ample shoe storage.

Not for the convenience.

Or the easy comfort.

Happy Jon

Not for the king-size bed.

Or the thermostat-controlled heat zones and flat screen tv.

It’s not for the “frugality”

(Although I do appreciate how affordable this life can be)

Or the option to “nuke a frozen pizza”

(a bitter joke we invoke when we’re feeling particularly worn down by boat life)

Instead we live this life…


…for days exactly like these.

– LMK 🙂



This is why (at the Gosling Islands, Maine) — 2 Comments

    • Don’t worry, there’s a slew of boatyard photos coming to remind you of why you don’t miss this life, too 😉

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