Casa Kruger + Velero Brio = A Week of Family Fun

My mom, dad and sis were here for the last week… while it rained a few of the days they were here (the first rain we’ve seen since before Christmas!), we still managed to have an awesome time with them.

Taking Jess for a quick spin in the dinghy ~ me yelling "hold on!!" while she yelps "faster! faster!"


We spent an inordinate amount of time enjoying the luxuries of Casa Kruger -- laundry, hot showers, pressurized water, king size beds, and suede lounge chairs 🙂


Jess made lots of little friends everywhere she went


We found a favourite lunch spot ~ Huanacaxtle Cafe


Mom & Dad enjoying Huanacaxtle Cafe ("Wah-na-kax-lee Cafe")


Jess attempted some Linguistics homework (assisted by a Pina Colada or two)


Jess & Jon discovered they both have soft spots for homeless cats


While Dad and Jon solved all of Brio's issues (here planning the wiring for the Tri Colour light)


Jess and I shopped (matching hair flowers care-of-Mama)


And we dined (Valentine's Day Lunch)


And we took pictures of my uber-awesome dad, up the very very top of the mast, braving rain and waves and a little wind storm to install our Tri-Colour for us (finishing the job I attempted to start back in Mazatlan)


We had Kist & Camanoe over for a delicious dinner of Whisky Shrimp Soup & bbq'd shrimp skewers... and had a supremely fun night playing Catchphrase 🙂


We also go to go sailing, with the whole familia!


Made a quick stop at Las Tres Marietas (was too rough to snorkel, so it was a sight-seeing trip only)


Got to tell our stories to a captive audience


Dragged my sis on a day sail (hiding from the sun here while she lounges in the cockpit)


Caught a couple quick shots of "Kist" as we flew past each other (big thanks to Bonnie for the picture of Brio under sail!!)


And tried to take a shot of the family with Brio in the background 🙂


We also made it to the Malecon of downtown Puerto Vallarta -- a good place to spend one of our cloudier days


...And just thoroughally enjoyed having my family here to visit ~ miss you guys already!


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